Asphalt Plant

Equipment for asphalt mix production is more sophisticated than ever, as users are becoming more and more interested in the new technological benefits that these machines offer.Both brands and manufacturers are turning their attention to


high-productivity, low-consumption equipment that meets the highest environmental and emission standards and, in addition, offers options for recycling used asphalt with increasing yields.In this context, Asphalt Mixing Plant manufacturers and brands are developing new technological solutions to meet the needs of users around the world, each geographic and climatic area having their own operating conditions.

Asphalt concrete is a composite material that consists of a mixture of construction aggregate (mineral) bound together with a form of petroleum called asphalt.

The manufacture of asphalt concrete involves heating the asphalt, due to its highly viscous nature, for mixing it with the aggregates. All this process takes place at the Asphalt Mixing Plant.

What is an Asphalt Mixing Plant

Asphalt Mixing Plant is facilities that are designed and engineered to manufacture asphalt concrete.And we have to admit that an Asphalt Mixing Plant is quite a piece of equipment. Just imagine that from a mixture of asphalt with aggregate and, sometimes, additives added to improve the properties of the final product, results in the asphalt concrete. And this material is used to surface the vast majority of roads.

Main types of Asphalt Mixing Plant

To produce asphalt at an Asphalt Mixing Plant, carefully measured quantities of the raw material are heated to a standard temperature for the asphalt to be formed. Depending on site necessities, the process of making asphalt can be needed continuously or in batches. For this reason, there also are two types of Asphalt Mixing Plant.

·Drum plants used to prepare the asphalt through a continuous process, for continuously production and storage in heated silos for several days. One of the advantages is that is a continuous process that manufactures at a high rate a homogenous mixture.

·Batch plants used for production in small accurate batches, as needed on work sites. One advantage of using a batch plant is that, if necessary, is easy to switch between different mix recipes, due to intermittent production.

Also, if we refer to the mobility required for the installation, we can identify several types of asphalt stations.Stationary asphalt stations that are easily transported from the factory to the site where are mounted on a concrete platform on site.Ultra-mobile asphalt stations designed to produce asphalt directly at the desired casting site Modular asphalt stations which offer the advantage of being easy to relocate, being designed from modules of the right size to be easily transported.

How an Asphalt Mixing Plant work

The process of asphalt( proceso de asfalto ) making consists of:

Placing the aggregates appropriate bins

·Transferring the aggregates to the drying drum by means of a conveyor.

·Efficiently drying the aggregates in a drum dryer.

·Transferring the aggregates vibratory screen to separate them by size.

·The desired type of aggregates is allowed to enter the mixing unit of the asphalt plant.

·Bitumen comes pre-weighed from a heated storage tank.

·The aggregates are mixed with the liquid bitumen in established proportions.

·Hot mix asphalt is ready and is dropped into a truck or hot storage silo.

Noteworthy, also the characteristics of the components have a great impact on the quality of the asphalt mixture.

Areas that Asphalt Mixing Plant are used

We all walk daily on asphalt. Almost all the footpaths and cycle paths, sport and play areas, streets or highways and motorways, parking areas(
áreas de estacionamiento para máquina AIMIX), highways, and motorways are paved with asphalt concrete.

Usually, asphalt is used for paving (asphalting) roads or strengthening the foundations of large buildings. Therefore, the domains that use Asphalt Mixing Plant are constructions and road constructions

In a world where people are becoming more aware of the impact that any action has on the environment, asphalt recycling is a solution that many brands and manufacturers are using. The flexibility and natural component of the asphalt make this material virtually removed, its separate components, and then reused almost indefinitely. For road construction and maintenance is perfect, since recyclable material is always available.

Choose the proper Asphalt Mixing Plant for your projects. When looking to buy an Asphalt Mixing Plant, apart from style, size, brands, and manufacturers, there are other things you need to take into account. Before you decide to buy a particular Asphalt Mixing Plant it is important to check all asphalt plant parts. Make sure that at least it meets your requirement, or even exceeds. The equipment should be easy to transport and maintain.

Depending on the specifics of the works to be executed, it also takes account of the fact that Asphalt Mixing Plant brands and manufacturers have complied with new market demands and trends and have created equipment that can use up to 90% or 100% recycled material to create new asphalt. This can come in handy in certain situations.

Where to buy cheap and quality equipment

There no easy task to buy a cheap and quality Asphalt Mixing Plant. First of all because cheap and quality do not work well together. But this doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible. There are many offers, from many brands and manufacturers. Look carefully and analyze the Asphalt Mixing Plant from all points of view, before deciding which one to buy.

Also, there is always a possibility to find an already used one that may fit perfectly with your necessities and budget. Still, keep in mind that if you buy from someone other than brands or manufacturers a used Asphalt Mixing Plant it will, on the short term, save money but on the long term, it can become an expensive problem.

Things to take into consideration before deciding to buy an Asphalt Mixing Plant

Consider if what you need is a portable or a stationary plant Decide if you need a counterflow or parallel flow plant Analyze the market to determine the tonnage will be needed daily. Look for brands and manufacturers that offer guidance and support in choosing the best system

A type of AIMIX asphalt:

The Benefits You Can Get From A Small Portable Asphalt Plant Sold In The Philippines

Are you in the asphalt industry? Do you participate in the construction of roadways? Although you may have a very large asphalt production plant at your disposal, small portable units might also be useful. You have probably seen these behind trucks, being towed to different locations, so that asphalt can be produced wherever the job is. They are very versatile machines, well designed, and you can also get them for very affordable prices. Here are the benefits that you can obtain from owning one or more small portable asphalt plants philippines that are made available in the Philippines.

small portable asphalt plant for sale

small portable asphalt plant for sale

Where Can You Find These Philippine Based Asphalt Plant Manufacturers?

If you happen to be somewhere in the Philippines, preferably near a large city, finding a distributor or manufacturer of small plants will be very simple to do. You can find them advertising in the classifieds, showcasing some of their latest models, as well as those that they are moving out at a discount. All of the specs will be provided on them, helping you to assess each one and eventually buy one that is going to help your company complete more jobs. The next step is finding all of the available ones that are on sale and choosing the best one for your company.

small asphalt mixing plant machine

small asphalt mixing plant machine

How To Choose The Best Small Portable Asphalt Plant

If you want one of the smaller plants that is portable, opposed to the very large ones that are stationary, the same companies that make the bigger ones are going to produce these as well. Although they are quite sizable, by comparison to an actual asphalt plant, they are minuscule in size. These will have the capacity to mix aggregate material, bitumen, and the different components that you deem necessary when creating your asphalt all at the jobsite. Choosing the best one will be based upon which ones are the most highly recommended and which manufacturers are regarded as the best.

small drum mix plant for sale

small drum mix plant for sale

Can You Start Using These Right Away?

It will be very easy to use these once you have them in your possession. They operate in a similar manner to a regular asphalt mixing plant. The main difference is that the control panel will be slightly different, if not much smaller, and you will have full control over the components that will be used to produce the asphalt. Someone that gets training on this can master how to use one in the span of the day or two. That’s why many companies invest in multiple units so they can dispatch as many of these as they own to different job sites to generate more revenue for their company. If you are interested, you can click here to get more information,

If you do not have the small portable asphalt plants yet, it’s going to be a worthwhile investment. You will clearly see this as you are able to take on more jobs than ever before. They are designed to be portable, and also very easy to operate. There will be one company in the Philippines that will sell you one that you will want to obtain for your business.

How To Choose The Right Hot Mix Plant

If you work in the road construction industry you are likely to be using a lot of hot mix asphalt on your jobs. Roads are made out of hot mix and you need a reliable way to produce a lot of hot mix to lay down on the road. The most efficient way to do this is to invest in a batch type hot mix plant. This plant will allow you to produce large quantities of hot mix and you can just lay it down as you go along. You have the opportunity to create a lot of hot mix in a short amount of time and you can really get a lot done with these plants.

Portable hot mix asphalt plant is efficient

hot mix asphalt plant

hot mix asphalt plant

The hot mix plant is affordable and it can help you get a lot done. Choosing the right machine is very important and you want to make sure that you choose a machine that has all of the features you need and is also large enough to get things done. You will need to think about how much hot mix you need to produce so you can buy a machine that is the right size. You don’t want to buy a machine that is too small but you also don’t need one that is too big.

It is important to buy a machine that is just the right size so you are not working with a machine that doesn’t really work for your needs. The bitumen mix machine should have all the features you are looking for and it should also be easy to use. The best machine is going to be affordable and it is going to have all of the features you need.

Choose easy-use asphalt hot mix plant

mobile asphalt hot mix plant

mobile asphalt hot mix plant

You will want to spend some time researching the different plants so you find the plant that has all of the features you are looking for. The right plant is going to be easy to use and it is going to be in your price range. You want to make sure that the plant you choose is going to be the right price which means you need to take some time to learn about the different machines that are available to you.

The more you know about the machines the easier it is to choose the right machine and it will be a lot easier to find just what you are looking for. A good machine is going to be affordable and it is going to have all of the features you are looking for. You need to make sure that you find a machine that you are going to be happy with and the machine should have everything you want.

Looking for a machine is easy when you know what you are doing. Most of the machines come with strong after sales services. Sometimes the manufacturer will show you how to operate the machine and they will also show you how to keep it maintained. You have a lot of options with these machines and they are going to help you get a lot done. You can learn more about hot mix plant cost:, then make sure what capacity of asphalt machine you want to invest.

How To Find The Best Hot Mix Plant Price

Are you searching for the best hot mix plant price and do not know where to turn for advice. It seems as though you are not able to find anything in your area. You know that a hot mix plant for sale is going to be beneficial to your business, but you do not want to spend more than you have to. Considering this is something more than just a simple office, you not only want the best but you want the best price as well. With that in mind, we are going to look at three unique ways that you can use to find the best price on a hot mix plant.

hot mixing aspahlt plant for sale

hot mixing aspahlt plant for sale

One of the first things you will want to do is contact a local real estate agent who specializes in the commercial real estate market. They are going to be able to narrow down your search in the quickest sense possible. They will be able to narrow down the amount of listing by location, specifications, and most importantly the asphalt mixing plant price. All you have to do is talk to the agent and give them a list of requirements and allow them to go to work for you. This is going to take a lot of the responsibility off of you and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business. You know that the listings that they bring back to you are going to be close to your needs and allow you to make the purchase.

reasonable layout of hot asphalt plant

reasonable layout of hot asphalt plant

If you do not want to work with an agent for one reason or another, you can do the vast majority of the work on your own. You can begin your search by using the internet to see if you can find an asphalt hot mix plant in your location. You can begin this search by using the following parameter, “Hot mix plant + location”. More details:

asphalt hot mix plant in China

asphalt hot mix plant in China

If you enter that search phrase in exactly with your own location, you will only be shown the most relevant listings that are going to have drum mix plant within a close distance to your home town. In addition, it will bring up other relevant listings that will allow you to carry on a search. However, you are not going to be able to narrow down a specific asphalt plant price range in this method. It is going to be dependent on what you are able to find and jot down a listing and then compare all of the properties you find.

While you are online, you may want to take note of online classified sites, such as Craigslist. Craigslist offers a wide variety of listings, including commercial real estate. You never know what you are going to find while you are online. Many times, there will be listings right in your home town that you never knew about. Other times, you may have to search other local regions. It truly is going to take some luck to find exactly what you want on Craigslist, but you may hit the jackpot and find the best hot mix plant price!